Zoe McCubben

542 Partners LR 11Welcome Zoe, one of our vibrant Cadet Accountants at 542 Partners. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business with a major in Accounting at the University of Wollongong, Zoe’s positive attitude and eagerness to learn align seamlessly with our commitment to innovation and growth.

Zoe’s approach to her work is defined by a can-do spirit and an unwavering willingness to explore new challenges. She aspires to build a robust knowledge base and gain confidence in her role, aiming to become a valuable contributor to our team. Zoe’s proactive mindset and positive demeanor set her apart as a promising addition to 542 Partners.

Outside the office, Zoe joins the ranks of many of our staff who share a love for soccer.

Zoe’s creds:

  • Bachelor of Business, Majoring in Accounting – University of Wollongong (currently studying)