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542: Your partners in business

542 Partners are specialist accountants and business advisors. Sure they’re a dime a dozen, but it’s our approach that makes us uniquely different. And in business: different is good. Our relationship driven approach, combined with smart technology and dedicated service team, will see you achieving your financial goals; regardless of what stage of business you’re in.

With over 4 decades of combined experience in accounting and business advisory, 542 clients get the expertise of a global accounting firm, with the service focus of a true business partner for all stages of business life.

Finally. What you’ve always wanted from your accountant.
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A Team Approach

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What stage are you at?

At 542 Partners, we offer a variety of smart services and processes to guide you through your business or personal financial journey. Many people feel financial management is a world outside their control.


Starting a new business is no easy feat. Whether you have a great idea or taking over an existing operation, having the right information about your business obligations, industry, market and finances is key to start-up success.

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If you’ve progressed through the start-up phase and are experiencing growth in revenues and customers, chances are you’re also experiencing growth in opportunity and issues. Profits are strong, but competition is surfacing and you need support through this phase from your accounting and advisory team.

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Your business has now matured into a thriving company with a place in the market and loyal customers. Sales growth is not explosive but manageable and business has become more routine. Now, you need a clever team to help you stay focused and on track to kick more business goals. A team that regularly evaluates your business performance to ensure those goals are scored and then some.

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This is the big opportunity for your business to cash out on all the effort and years of hard work. Winding down or selling a business is a delicate stage of your business life cycle. While it may have taken years of hard work to build the business, we need to establish its value in the current market place.

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