We don’t like to talk just numbers;
after all they’re just numbers until we explain them to you.

We’re the new generation of accountants. You know the kind. The type that embraces technology to propel your business forward. A team of people that have your back through all stages of your business’s life, genuinely get a kick out of sharing your success AND help you celebrate.

Instead, we get to the core of what makes you and your business tick. By making an effort to get to know you, we tailor our advice and solutions to meet your needs.

  • We realise we’ve said “we” maybe a bit too much at this point (our marketing guru says-so), but there’s a point to our “we”. Because at 542 we really are a “we”. When you’re a 542 client, you don’t just get one accountant, you engage a whole team. At minimum, a senior partner and one accountant: a team dedicated to your success. And what’s more; those senior partners and accountants are supported by their own teams, creating a whole “we”, working for you

  • We’re lovers of technology. We love using the latest technology to improve your efficiency and business processes. And on the flipside we use smart technology to provide you with an increased level of service and value to get you where you need to be

  • We value honesty and transparency. So we partner with our clients on a fixed fee basis that encourages interaction with your service team. We provide a personalised service not based on time and cost, instead it’s driven by open communication and investment in your prosperity

  • We’ve got some clever cookies on our team. And what’s more they love to share their knowledge. We believe in educating you, so you can improve your business development and skills. We also blog fortnightly send regular newsletters, are active on social media and host regular events so that you’re kept in the loop every step of your business journey

  • Our intimate knowledge of all key legislative requirements and recent or proposed changes to the rules governing your industry means you don’t have worry about it. We’ve got that covered: that’s a given. We move beyond compliance with our clients, to ensure that as your business grows, we provide more resources to real business problems and wealth creation: the stuff that really matters