Top tips to get the most out of Xero

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So. You’ve made the jump to Xero and (you’re rightly so) expecting fireworks. If you’re flying solo and haven’t got an experienced Xero Partner (like us!) taking you through it, there’s some “nice to know” tips that, well, would be nice to know, before you start. Xero isn’t software you need to install per se. Instead, it runs on the … Read More

Spotlight on: SPOTLIGHT Reporting

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A recent survey by Xero has revealed that 46% of businesses in Australia, not using cloud, are planning to do so in the next 12 months. With Xero expanding their capabilities through their add-on marketplace, Xero now supports 350 add-ons. Including one of our personal favourites: Spotlight. Spotlight Reporting is a smart add-on that allows you to easily create attractive, … Read More

Spotlight on: Receipt Bank

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Not only for our clients, but for ourselves as well. For the last 12 months we’ve been using and happily recommending Receipt Bank to our clients. Receipt Bank’s aim is to remove the burden that bills, receipts and invoices place on businesses. And let’s be honest, they do quite literally stack up. Receipt Bank has developed a software and service … Read More

7 features of a good accounting system

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We like to think of ourselves as tech-savvy, forward thinking accountants. We love a good accounting system. Nothing gives us more pleasure than transforming a business from an archaic accounting system onto slick, shiny new accounting software. But a good accounting system in 2014 needs to be more than just a super-charged excel sheet. It needs to provide easy-to-understand information … Read More

Xero announces new updates and features

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From the Xero blog today… Last month I was at Xerocon Sydney where we announced some of the new Xero features being launched over the next three months. Well, it’s only a few weeks later and the first of these features are live – it’s how we roll. Batch deposits For those of you dealing with customers paying by check/cheque … Read More

eWAY a new way to pay

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eWAY a new way to pay at 542 Partners

Last month we announced the exciting news that we had integrated eWAY into our payment methods. We got inundated with positive feedback and requests for more information.  So this month we thought we would cast a spotlight over eWAY and explore what it is, how it works and how to integrate it into your business. What is eWAY? eWAY was … Read More