Top accounting trends to watch in 2016

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As we round out another year (and get over the fact we’ve just written that sentence), we’re excited about what 2016 holds for businesses. There’s change in the air for the world of accounting and it only means good things for our clients. Gazing into our crystal ball we’re predicting 5 trends that will shape 2016 for small business owners. … Read More

Data matching: how you can avoid a fine from the ATO


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Surprisingly to some, our tax system is based on a self-assessment model, where the ATO relies on everyone submitting the information it needs to work out how much tax we pay. Generally the Tax Office doesn’t check the figures on everyone’s tax return – that would be virtually impossible! So by default, the data we provide is accepted as relevant … Read More

Tech trends to help you do better business

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This year Tech Trends release their annual business technology trends report for 2015. The report: Digital Business Era: Stretch Your Boundaries details that over the last few years businesses have leveraged social, mobile, analytics, and cloud (SMAC) to transform into digital businesses. But the report explains (and very rightly so) the challenge facing business is this: what will businesses do … Read More

Outsourcing could be the answer to your internal woes


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Trying to do everything on your own is a common small business mistake. So it helps to outsource jobs that are routine, require specialised skill, little skill or are time-consuming. Once seen as a strategy reserved for big business, technology has made outsourcing more achievable for small businesses: and for some businesses, outsourcing has made a mighty impact on growth, … Read More

Easy tips to manage your time better

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Easy tips to manage your time better 542 Partners

If small business owners weren’t running their businesses, they would make skillful jugglers because if it’s one thing small business owners do well, it’s juggle their time. Important decisions need to be made while at the same time not neglecting the day-to-day running of the business and managing emails and accounts. In our last 2½ years in business, we’ve come … Read More

How to make your business investment friendly

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How to make your business investment friendly

If you’ve got an idea, or a business but the money isn’t exactly rolling in yet, it’s tough to build a thriving business. Which is why many small businesses and startups look for funding and seek out investors. Venture capital firms are comprised of private investors who research, negotiate and fund businesses in early stages of development. Even some leaders … Read More

Super strategies from Australian experts


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Tony Brennan Citi Equity Strategist Citi Group “A disproportionate amount of super savings is invested in the local sharemarket, rather than the bond market or international shares.”   “Super funds have on average around 35 per cent of total assets invested in local stocks. Given the Australian Securities Exchange makes up just 2 per cent of the global equity market … Read More

How 542 Partners used their super fund to purchase business premises


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A growing business is a good thing. But if your business grows too rapidly and without enough planning, you can find yourself with a common growing pain: not enough space for everyone to work efficiently.   With increased orders to fill, or clients to service you may also need to find premises that accommodate bigger production facilities and storage, or … Read More

On The Record: Staying on top of small business accounting

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Staying focused on accounting is hard for any business owner. If you don’t manage your small business accounting accurately, you can endanger the success of your business.   Our 5 accounting tips to help grow your business.   Professional vs. DIY Though many business owners act as head of accounting, sales, and marketing to cut cost, it helps to hire … Read More

5 Exciting updates announced at last week’s Xerocon

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Last week we packed up and headed south of the boarder to chilly Melbourne for Xerocon 2015. We joined other accountants and finance professionals to hear about (among other things) loads of exciting announcements across the two day event. Overall, Xero in 2015 and beyond is headed for an even more seamless and efficient platform. They truly have the business … Read More