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A recent survey by Xero has revealed that 46% of businesses in Australia, not using cloud, are planning to do so in the next 12 months. With Xero expanding their capabilities through their add-on marketplace, Xero now supports 350 add-ons. Including one of our personal favourites: Spotlight.

Spotlight Reporting is a smart add-on that allows you to easily create attractive, useful performance reports for your business. But great reports are more than just pretty pictures and impressive numbers. With unlimited reporting comes real power. Spotlight empowers business owners with knowledge of what they need to know now, to make better business decisions in the future.

Why we love Spotlight reporting

Comprehensive management reports

Spotlight gives you (and us) a clear picture of your business. Reporting on financial performance, position and cash trends; and allowing the user to write up an executive summary to discuss highlights and recommendations.

Consolidate up to 20 organisations
Spotlight Reporting enables you to consolidate up to 20 organisations with multiple currencies into a single report. Whether you own multiple companies in a single country or manage a global empire, having a consolidated view of your organisations help you make better decisions for the group. Eliminate the drudgery of EXCEL consolidation.

Not just reporting
Spotlight is multifaceted and has a few strings to their bow. Check out the below to see what they offer:

Spotlight reporting

Spotlight Reporting creates useful, attractive performance reports quickly and efficiently. Ideal for organisations that need deeper insight and analysis.

Spotlight Dashboard

Spotlight Dashboard is a one-page reporting dashboard that focuses on what really matters. With drag-and-drop functionality, Dashboard is super-fast and easy to use.

Spotlight Forecasting

Spotlight Forecasting creates cash flow forecasts and scenario budgets using a combination of data and visuals. Look forward, strategise and plan for the future with Spotlight Forecasting.

Spotlight Multi

Spotlight Multi is an online tool designed specifically for multi-entity organisations. Better, faster and more useful reporting should also encourage improved decision making and governance.

Event Notice:

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We’ll be hosting a breakfast session on Wednesday 11th of February 2015, focusing on two of our favourite Xero add-ons: Spotlight and Receipt Bank. Interested? We’re taking expressions of interest. Just shoot us an email here.

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