542 Partners in 2014

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Looking to 2014 we see great things happening, all of which are only going to improve our service and scope for our clients. Like all good relationships, we think it’s important to share our vision for the coming year and like always, keep the lines of communication open. The lights are on and we’re all home. 2014: A taste of … Read More

4 things your accountant could (or should) do

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Back in the junior accountant days our clients looked very different. The number one concern was around “what can I claim to reduce my tax bill?” Fast forward to 2013 and clients are painting a different picture. Now, clients are becoming more aware of not only tax accounting but business accounting. Business owners want to know how to best set … Read More

Choosing a business accountant 101


How to choose a business accountant 101, by 542 Partners

Q: What’s the definition of an accountant? A: Someone who solves a problem you didn’t know you had in a way you don’t understand. We think this joke is funny. But unfortunately for some business owners – it’s a reality. Often the relationship you have with your accountant can be a once a year, burn a hole in your pocket, … Read More

eWAY a new way to pay

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eWAY a new way to pay at 542 Partners

Last month we announced the exciting news that we had integrated eWAY into our payment methods. We got inundated with positive feedback and requests for more information.  So this month we thought we would cast a spotlight over eWAY and explore what it is, how it works and how to integrate it into your business. What is eWAY? eWAY was … Read More

The 542 Office Transformation


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At 542 Partners we like to see our clients not just at tax time, but all year round. We pride ourselves on building long lasting solid relationships with our clients. Our office is the place where all the magic happens. So feel free to pop in to our office, have a chat and if you catch us during lunch there … Read More

How to save time and money FAST: Business Process Automation

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How to save time and money FAST with BPA

Every day business owners create more work for themselves with unnecessary double business processes. Time sheets, expense claims, daily POS and supplier invoices do not have to be manually entered. We all know that time is money, so why not save some time and rid your business of unnecessary laborious tasks that cost you money. Enter: Business Process Automation (BPA) … Read More

Introduction to 542 Partners


  We are thrilled to be now up and running and would like to extend a big thank you to all those who have so generously offered their support from day 1. Over the coming weeks and months we plan to announce many exciting, innovative and informative solutions that we hope will benefit our valued clients. Stay up to date … Read More

The 542 Partners Top Tax Tips


Top tips at tax time from 542 Partners

Make your superannuation contributions before 30 June For businesses, your June quarterly superannuation contributions are not due until July. However, by paying the contribution before 30 June you can bring forward the deduction into the current financial year. For individuals, you can contribute concessional contributions up the contribution cap for the 2012/13 financial year is $25,000. For individual employees, this … Read More

What is Xero?

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Xero reviewed from 542 Partners

Xero is online accounting and bookkeeping software that is hosted entirely “in the cloud”. The obvious benefit of being in the cloud is that you are able to access your Xero file wherever you have an internet connection and web browsers. In addition, your advisor or accountant can also access your file, in real time and use this technology to … Read More