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Looking to 2014 we see great things happening, all of which are only going to improve our service and scope for our clients.

Like all good relationships, we think it’s important to share our vision for the coming year and like always, keep the lines of communication open. The lights are on and we’re all home.

2014: A taste of things to come

Double in staff

We started with 2, have finished 2013 with 3 and come this time next year we would have well and truly doubled in size. With plans to add at least one more senior accountant and 2 cadets, it might be time to talk to the friendly folk next door and knock a wall or two out.

Service scope

With our new staff comes new expertise. Complimentary to the skills that both Craig and Stuart possess, our new team members will have a strong capability in audit and tax advice for large business.

Community focus

One thing we love about throwing away our ties and settling into our Cronulla digs is that we are at the coalface of Shire business. Not only do we live and breathe Cronulla – we love it. So in 2014 you will see the 542 Partners brand out and about supporting the same things you do; local sporting teams (darts IS a sport) and community events.


You know by now we love technology. In 2014 as cloud accounting grows in capability, so will we. And it only means great things for our clients and their businesses. As we get our hands on the latest technology we’ll be improving business efficiency and processes one client at a time.

This is just a taste of what you can expect from Craig, Stu and all the team at 542 Partners in 2014. We have big things planned and we are excited to roll them out to you: our clients, friends and partners.

Best wishes for a safe and happy new year.

All the team at 542 Partners

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What do you think?

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