How to save time and money FAST: Business Process Automation

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How to save time and money FAST with BPA

Every day business owners create more work for themselves with unnecessary double business processes. Time sheets, expense claims, daily POS and supplier invoices do not have to be manually entered. We all know that time is money, so why not save some time and rid your business of unnecessary laborious tasks that cost you money.

Enter: Business Process Automation (BPA)

Business Process Automation or BPA for short is the fancy term business advisors use for automating processes in order to contain costs. It often involves looking at a birds-eye-view of a business and pinpointing opportunity for integration of applications, restructuring labour resources and using software applications to simplify processes across the organisation.

Top three business processes you need to automate: NOW.

Time sheet

Traditionally, employees fill out a paper time sheet, then your office admin enters the time sheet into a spreadsheet for your bookkeeper or accounts department (or even worse: you – the business owner!) to enter the same data into the accounting system. Even reading this process make us cringe at all the time (and money!) being wasted.

Thanks to smart Aps like SmartBiller and Etz Timesheet Solutions your staff no longer need to touch a single sheet of paper or make a calculation. You can automate your whole back office and what’s more you can link it to your accounting system for a seamless integration.

POS receipts

Some business owners particularly retail stores spend each night, printing out their daily POS receipts and then manually enter each receipt into their accounting system. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an integrated system to save all that wasted time?

Aps like Vend and Retail express do just that. Because they are cloud based they cleverly integrate into your accounting system eradicating the need for manual reconciliation of your POS.

Supplier invoices

Just like POS some business owners are still chained to their desk at the end of every month manually entering in supplier invoices into their accounting system.

Business owners can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to aps such as ShoeBoxed and InvitBox smartly allow you to send them your receipts via mail, mobile app, scanner, uploader or e-mail, they scan, extract and data verify your documents then automatically assign transactions in your Chart of Accounts and export into your accounting system such as Xero in seconds. Amazing. Smart. Genius. Need we say more?

There is no doubt that by simplifying once laborious business processes through automation, you can save time and money.

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