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Tech Insider

Tony Brennan

Citi Equity Strategist

Citi Group

“A disproportionate amount of super savings is invested in the local sharemarket, rather than the bond market or international shares.”


“Super funds have on average around 35 per cent of total assets invested in local stocks. Given the Australian Securities Exchange makes up just 2 per cent of the global equity market it is really hard to see how that is going to be the best strategy going forward”.


John Collett

Personal finance editor

Sydney Morning Herald

“Fund members should not be overly concerned about the latest bout of market gyrations. There are already signs that the worst may be over with bargain hunters jumping in, pushing share prices a little higher.”


“Although most people have their super with their fund’s balanced investment option, funds have several options with differing risk-versus-return trade-offs.

Those nearing retirement or in retirement may want to consider whether their super is too risky; though, even in retirement, the investment time frame will be a long one.”


Michael Spinks

Co-head of Multi Asset and Portfolio Manager for Diversified Growth Fund (Australia),



“The bread of opportunity set, investment flexibility, and active approach to currency management of diversified growth strategies presents a particularly appealing option that funds should be considering as part of their allocations”.


“Over the time period 1900-2014, although Australian equities exceeded their typical performance objective… it was achieved with a high volatility, indicating a significant variability of return”.


“Given the majority of diversified growth strategies are available to investors on a daily dealing basis, their potential as a liquid alternative solution also stands out.”


For advice managing your self managed super fund, talk to us. If it is specific investment advice that you are after we work in conjunction with your financial advisor (or recommend a suitable advisor) to develop a suitable strategy for your super investments.



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