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This year Tech Trends release their annual business technology trends report for 2015. The report: Digital Business Era: Stretch Your Boundaries details that over the last few years businesses have leveraged social, mobile, analytics, and cloud (SMAC) to transform into digital businesses.

But the report explains (and very rightly so) the challenge facing business is this: what will businesses do with their digital advantage?

Here are our top tech trends that can help you become a digital business and do better business. (Note: the following excerpt has been taken from Digital Business Era: Stretch Your Boundaries)

Beyond the cloud: stop talking about cloud—the value is in using it

Cloud computing is no longer an emerging trend. The on-demand technology is pervasive in all decisions made today; the key question is not “Should we use cloud?” but rather “How can we use cloud?”

Design for analytics: formulate the questions, and design for the answers

Business intelligence. Data analytics. Big data. Companies are no longer suffering from a lack of data—they’re suffering from a lack of the right data. Business owners need the right data to define the strategic direction of the business.

Seamless collaboration: right channel, right worker, and right job

It’s time to reimagine the way employees work. The rise in social networking has breathed new life into collaboration. To increase productivity, enterprises must move beyond standalone social and collaborative channels and begin to embed them directly into their core business processes. The new approach is to build social and collaborative applications throughout the enterprise.

Active defence: adapting cyber security defences to the threat

IT’s core challenge: get current with best practices in security, get smarter about the new active defence possibilities, and get real about the journey ahead.

From workforce to crowdsource: the rise of the borderless enterprise

Picture a workforce that extends beyond your employees, one that consists of any user connected to the Internet. Cloud, social, and collaboration technologies now allow organisations to tap into vast pools of human resources across the world, and many people are motivated to help.

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