How to make your business investment friendly

CraigBrett Wright, General

How to make your business investment friendly

If you’ve got an idea, or a business but the money isn’t exactly rolling in yet, it’s tough to build a thriving business. Which is why many small businesses and startups look for funding and seek out investors. Venture capital firms are comprised of private investors who research, negotiate and fund businesses in early stages of development. Even some leaders … Read More

Super strategies from Australian experts


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Tony Brennan Citi Equity Strategist Citi Group “A disproportionate amount of super savings is invested in the local sharemarket, rather than the bond market or international shares.”   “Super funds have on average around 35 per cent of total assets invested in local stocks. Given the Australian Securities Exchange makes up just 2 per cent of the global equity market … Read More

Growing your investment portfolio with an SMSF


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Super and more specifically Self Managed Super Funds are complicated and always changing. At the moment we’re hearing a lot of industry chatter around leveraging super savings to invest or buy property. SMSF borrowing arrangements and investment rules and regulations are complex. Before jumping in, 542 Partners recommend seeking financial, tax and/or legal advice to ensure any investment strategy is … Read More