Spotlight on: Employees and compliance (Guest Blog from Cooee)

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Would you be surprised to hear that almost 80% of SMEs in Australia do not have legally compliant employment contracts and workplace polices? Are you in the 20%? Employment agreements and policies work together to clearly define the expectations between employers and employees. Basically if you don’t specifically set the rules and standards in your policies – there are no … Read More

Spotlight on: Super strategies for employees


Super For Employees

As an employee, salary-sacrificing superannuation, by making before-tax super contributions, is a popular strategy for middle-to-high income earners. Salary sacrificed superannuation contributions under an effective salary sacrifice arrangement are not considered to be fringe benefits and can be a tax effective strategy for increasing personal and retirement wealth. The general principle behind salary-sacrificing into super is to increase your superannuation … Read More

Staff Status: Contractors vs. Employees

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important employees’ rights

The status of your staff is an important distinction. Whether they are employees or independent contractors, both have consequences for the worker and the business owner.   An employee can seem to be set up in the workplace in a similar way to a contractor, but generally employees are supplied with all they need to do their job, don’t make … Read More