Spotlight on: Employees and compliance (Guest Blog from Cooee)

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Would you be surprised to hear that almost 80% of SMEs in Australia do not have legally compliant employment contracts and workplace polices? Are you in the 20%?

Employment agreements and policies work together to clearly define the expectations between employers and employees. Basically if you don’t specifically set the rules and standards in your policies – there are no rules. Undefined expectations can lead to unanticipated results and pose a serious risk for your business. Nearly every day there are examples in the media of where an employer has brought what common sense would suggest is reasonable action against an employee but have then subsequently been fined by the regulator. For example, an employee of a NSW financial planning business who was recently awarded $10,000 for wrongful termination despite being terminated for downloading inappropriate adult material at work.

Being non-compliant with the Fair Work Act can also lead to other serious consequences. The Fair Work Ombudsman audited nearly 5,000 businesses last year and many were targeted because their employees had made complaints or inquiries about their rights through the Fair Work Commission. As a business owner, you are at a definite disadvantage if you have not done all you are required to do under the Act.

It’s not just about the risks – it’s also about performance. Policies set the culture for your business. By making it clear to everyone – management and employees alike, what is expected of them, you can create and sustain a high-performance and harmonious work environment.

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This blog was published with permission from Cooee.