The grass is bluer on the other side: Why EVERYONE loves Xero

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It’s an exciting time for business owners. Thinking back 20 years ago (Craig and Adam were still in high school – just and Stu was just a young whippet), accountants were stuck behind their desks, buried under reams of paper. Fast forward to 2014 and thanks to slick web applications and cloud technology, accounting is an industry that has undergone … Read More

Spotlight on Fringe Benefits Tax: Pay to be nice


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Are you a nice employer? Do you shower your staff with benefits when they make their targets? Sometimes YOU need to pay to be nice. Enter > Fringe Benefits Tax. Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) is a tax levied on benefits provided by an employer to their employees. It is worth noting that if you are a director and conduct your … Read More

Franchising: what you need to know

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A few business owners we’ve come across that have 3 or more locations start thinking: Franchising. Franchising can seem like a great option; sell your idea to others while you sit back, relax and watch your business grow… right? Wrong. Franchising, while great for some businesses isn’t always the best option for others. It can seem like an easy way … Read More

Is it time to break up with your accountant?


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It’s a new year and a new business outlook. Out with old and in with the new. Time to shift the dead weight holding you back and it’s time to assess your relationship with your accountant. Like any break-up, hindsight is an amazing (and sometimes really annoying) thing. Friends and family happily tell you what they always wanted to say … Read More

Payroll tax thresholds: know your limits.


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It’s calculated on the amount of wages you pay per month. You need to pay payroll tax if your total Australian wages exceed the exemption threshold in your state or territory – this varies between states but for this blog we’ll look at NSW. In NSW it’s the friendly folk at the NSW Office of State Revenue that look after … Read More