The grass is bluer on the other side: Why EVERYONE loves Xero

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It’s an exciting time for business owners. Thinking back 20 years ago (Craig and Adam were still in high school – just and Stu was just a young whippet), accountants were stuck behind their desks, buried under reams of paper. Fast forward to 2014 and thanks to slick web applications and cloud technology, accounting is an industry that has undergone incredible change.

Yet for all of the opportunity, small business owners have never felt more overwhelmed. The cloud lured business firstly with marketing, content and communication. But in order to create a modern business, the benefits of cloud need to be realized in areas just as important to a business’ success, like accounting.

Xero has by far outstripped the competition when it comes to cloud accounting. It’s the name on everyone’s lips particularly in Australia and New Zealand. So why does everyone love Xero?

Designed with you in mind

Xero has designed accounting software for individuals, businesses, bookkeepers and accountants. It’s super slick, user-friendly, multifaceted, and visually appealing. The way Xero is designed, has impacted the relationships between business owners, their teams and accountants. What’s more, you can share access to your latest business numbers with your team and your accountant – so everyone is up to speed.

It’s simple

Xero’s open platform simplifies business management for its users. With a growing number of applications available for integration, Xero has a customizable dashboard to help you monitor payroll, inventory, bank accounts, expenses, and more at a glance.

It grows with you

As your business grows, so does your Xero. Xero has a built in partner network, making it easier for business owners to find, share, and consult with accountants and bookkeepers for reporting, benchmarking, and business planning. Bank feeds automatically import and categorise your latest banking, credit card and PayPal transactions.
It’s accounting on the go

Xero accounting software lets you work anywhere, any time. And of course you can access your Xero account with any number of mobile devices, making real-time accounting fast and easy. Yep, we’ve even reconciled waiting for the bus!

With over 250,000 business users Xero has grown rapidly since launching in 2006. It’s not only a super star on the stock exchange but it has expanded to have a well-recognized global expanding presence.

We love Xero. BUT we love technology even more. We’re always on the lookout for bigger, better, smarter and faster technology that will make our clients lives easier and their businesses run smoothly. So we’re constantly testing new products, add-ons and technology to make sure we’re in the know so you don’t have to be.

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