How to avoid audit agony

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For most small business owners, the thought of getting an audit notification from the ATO is horrifying. But if you’re well prepared, patient and co-operative audits don’t have to be as painful as they sound. The ATO orders audits based on suspicion of incorrect or fraudulent tax returns. Audits can involve varying degrees of scrutiny, from a simple phone call … Read More

5 signs you need a new auditor and what to do about it

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Now more than ever, a robust and objective audit function with skills to identify risk, control problems and the authority to pursue concerns, is essential for sound corporate governance. Corporate governance has been widely criticised in recent years, in the wake of falling market confidence and integrity. The community’s expectations of boards, senior management, and those charged with providing an … Read More

The benefits of buying an existing business

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Buying an existing business can be a great opportunity to hit the ground running and avoid the disadvantages of starting from the ground up. In a majority of situations, buying an existing business is considered a safe option. You acquire a business that already has a loyal customer base, regular cash flow and hopefully goodwill associated with the business name. … Read More