Motor Vehicle FBT: What you need to know


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March is fringe benefit tax season. “Yippee!” we hear you shout! The FBT year is 1 April – 31 March, so it’s around this time we get asked about FBT. Particularly, one of the most common forms of fringe benefit: cars. What is a car fringe benefit? A common car fringe benefit is where you (the employer) make available a … Read More

Can you have yourself a tax-free Christmas?

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Coming into the silly season we often get asked about entertainment expenses. What’s reasonable? What’s deductible? In short Entertainment expenses are generally not deductible. This includes the cost of business lunches… even if you’re doing ‘business’, attendance at sporting events… even if your client signed on the dotted line at the event, as well as gala or social nights, concerts … Read More