Overcoming business growing pains

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The growth stage of every business, while exciting, comes with challenges. When revenue increases and more customers are putting trust in your product or service, common growing pains start to arise that businesses must tackle.   Cash flow and financial management Increased revenue doesn’t necessarily mean good cash flow. Managing a higher stream of cash flow is often challenging for … Read More

How to navigate small business growing pains

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How to navigate small business growing pains

The growth phase for small businesses, while exciting, can be one of the hardest to manage. But with some smart technology and clever processes, growing your small business can be an exciting transition. There’s a new set of challenges to navigate for every hope of a self-sustaining business. This is the phase when you have a product or service your … Read More

Spotlight on Super: Strategies for business owners


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With business expenses piling up around you, it’s easy to leave your own super contributions last on the list. While it’s law for you to pay the 9.5% of salary, superannuation guarantee for your employees, many small business owners fail to contribute the same amount (if any) to their own. New financial year. New Super strategy. According to the Association … Read More

Premise dilemma: how to overcome spatial growing pains

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When your business grows, it’s a great thing. But your business can grow rapidly and without adequate planning, there may not be enough space to work efficiently. There are several things to consider when deciding to expand premises, including whether to buy or to lease new premises.   The options Leasing commercial premises Leasing commercial premises does not require the … Read More

How 542 Partners used their super fund to purchase business premises


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A growing business is a good thing. But if your business grows too rapidly and without enough planning, you can find yourself with a common growing pain: not enough space for everyone to work efficiently.   With increased orders to fill, or clients to service you may also need to find premises that accommodate bigger production facilities and storage, or … Read More