Efficiency in business

Kieran BowdenBusiness Process, Business Structures

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A wise man once said, “Don’t confuse being busy with being productive – they’re not necessarily related.” There’s a lot you can do as a business owner. But the reality is, you can’t do everything. We often see business owners wearing multiple hats to fulfil different roles within their business at one time or another. But for your business to be an efficient, well-oiled machine, … Read More

2021 Fuel Tax Credit Rate Changes

Kurt TuranskyTax

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Earlier this month, the Australian Taxation Office announced a slight increase to fuel tax credit rates in line with fuel excise indexation. Fuel tax credits rates change regularly so it’s important to check the rates each time you do your business activity statement (BAS), but this month, Kurt discusses the most recent changes that came into effect on February 1. … Read More