Why the only beans we count are in our coffee


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As technology evolves and clients demands shift, we take the opportunity to deliver sustainable business solutions that go beyond counting beans and crunching the numbers.

Numbers are just numbers (until we explain them to you)
Understandably many business owners focus on cashflow and the amount of money in the bank as a sign that their business is successful.

Being advisors, we look beyond the numbers and understand behaviours and triggers of what causes the numbers to reflect what they do. Going beyond just knowing the numbers, allows us to mitigate potential risk and plan forecast growth.

Connected technology, the key to efficiency
Significant technological change has forced accountants to re-structure their service offering in an effort to remain aligned with the needs of clients.

A full suite of connected technology, from invoice capture and input through to bills in Xero and payments such as NAB Bill Payment, the future (and benefits) of integrations are endless.

Beyond compliance
We’ve got legislative requirements covered: that’s a given.

Smart technology combined with our new generation of accountants provide you with predictive information. From simple tax forecasting, to more comprehensive scenario analysis, KPI monitoring to strategic insights, we are better placed than ever to be involved in business advisory.

Clients are becoming more interested in the benefits of an accountant who can recognise market demands through a more proactive and advisory approach.

At 542 Partners we don’t only look at the numbers, we help you achieve your business goals.

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