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We have been working on exciting new projects over the past month. Not only do we have a completely renovated (and expanded) head office, we have also been working with some of our good friends and business partners, to create a series of insightful and informative content to help you along your business journey.

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With so much happening in the lending space, as well as a lot of misinformation, Adam, spoke with our resident mortgage broking expert, Craig Tracey from Craig Tracey Lending. Together, they discuss the recent changes to the lending landscape and what that means for you.

We work closely with Craig Tracey to help 542 clients with their lending needs. If you’re unsure about the recent APRA and lending conditions changes, or how you can break into the property market, watch the two-minute video below.



If you would like to talk to Craig you can contact him via:



or call him directly on 0400 449 135.


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