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It’s no secret we love Xero! And even though the platform is super user friendly and easy to navigate, there are hidden hacks that our savvy senior accountants, use every day.

Never ones to hold onto our knowledge, check out their favourite Xero hacks, that will save you time.


Holly’s Tip: Repeating bills and invoices

For regular bills and invoices that are the same amount each time, set-up a repeating bill or invoice.


Go to invoice > Repeating tab > New > Repeating invoice and fill in the frequency, due date and other invoice/bill information.

For more information, click here.

Vicky’s Tip: Online filing system

Xero users can store key business documents in the filing library, so all your records are in one place and backed up online for easy sharing and most importantly, peace of mind.


Simply email your documents straight to your files Xero inbox. From here you can create a transaction (eg. sales invoice, bill, expense or receipt) with the document attached, so you won’t ever need to search through hundreds of filed documents.

Ralph’s Tip: Don’t forget the description field

Ralph’s helpful reminder is to make sure when posting receipts, payments and journals, always ensure the ‘description’ field provides an adequate overview that best describes that nature of the transaction.

This will reduce the time needed to search for transactions in the future.

Diana’s Tip: Automatic draft bills

Listen up if you’re manually entering bills into Xero!

Xero can automatically create a draft bill when you email the PDF bill and Xero is able to read the invoice. It will automatically populate fields and the client so all you will need to do is confirm the details are correct.

For businesses with multiple bills to be entered, we recommend using ReceiptBank to reduce data entry time.


Email PDF bills (as attachments) to your businesses unique bill email address. Xero will automatically create and attach the PDF to a draft bill.

Read more here.


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