5 ways to shape up your business in 2018

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5 ways to shape up your business in 2018

It’s no secret that we love using the latest technology to improve our clients (and our own) efficiency and business processes. There’s nothing better than saving time (and therefore money) with clever technology. But sometimes, we adopt so much technology that it can have the opposite effect. Technology should supercharge your business life and not complicate it.

Here are five mighty ways to have you and your team working smarter and faster with simple and efficient solutions.

  1. Use the Cloud

Your accounting systems should be more than just a super-charged excel sheet and thanks to Cloud technology, it can be. Business owners on the go can manage their workload at any time from anywhere with Xero. What’s more, it’s award-winning add-on Futrli is a powerful 3-way forecasting engine and automated monitoring. You can also transform your productivity with Receipt Bank; sending information from your receipts and invoices quickly, accurately and efficiently to your Xero account.

As an official Xero Platinum Partner, we offer a FREE Xero consultation? Talk to us to arrange a time.

  1. Forecast growth 

Understanding your business and using the data to make effective, strategic decisions is vital to the success of your business. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a great way to monitor your business decisions all-year round. With the help of your accountant and Cloud technology, you will be able to identify and measure key areas on a regular basis.

What KPIs should you monitor? Click here. 

  1. Outsource expertise

Technology has made outsourcing more achievable for small businesses: and for some businesses, outsourcing has made a might impact on growth, efficiency and profit.

Is outsourcing right for you? Click here. 

  1. Stay Compliant

Australia’s taxation system is complex. To avoid non-compliance, all businesses must keep up to date with the latest adjustments to our taxation system. Fortunately, there’s a wealth of information out there – if you know where to look. For starters, we blog regularly (that’s right here!) on any major changes and share real-time information on our FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn pages.

  1. App to it

Download the 542 Partners app for key news and tools at your fingertips for the latest in finance news and have access to tools we’ll know you want to use including a GPS kilometre tracker, income tracker and a range of calculators. It’s FREE to download on iOS and Android.


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