5 Xero Tricks Of The Trade You Need To Know Now

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We know how precious time can be for small business owners especially when it comes to managing accounting, invoicing and billing.

As official Xero Platinum Partners, we’ve collated 5 ways your small business can win back priceless time with our favourite cloud accounting solution.

1. Personalise your Xero home dashboard
Scroll to the bottom of your home dashboard and click the ‘Edit Dashboard’ hyperlink. Click the top left corner of any block to rearrange them. Click on the ‘Hide’ hyperlink on the top right of the blocks to hide them, and click the green button labelled ‘Done’ when you’re satisfied with the placement of the blocks on the dashboard. Watch how here.

2. Auto-generate recurring monthly invoices
Create a template for the invoices you send regularly. Click ‘Accounts’, ‘Sales’ and the ‘+ New’ and select ‘New Repeating Invoice’. Enter or edit your information in the repeating transaction fields. Watch how here. 

3. Add a ‘Pay Now’ button to every invoice
The easier the payment method, the quicker your customers are likely to pay you. You can now link your Paypal, Stripe, eWay or DPSS Payment Express services to your invoices. If you already have an account, then you’re good to go. Watch how here.

To set up a preferred payment service, it’s best to speak with us as there are different charges (e.g. set up, transfer volume, monthly fee) to consider depending on your type of businesses.

4. Improve your cash flow with ‘Invoice Reminders’
Remind your customers about invoices that are overdue by a certain number of days, or with an upcoming due date. Tailor the message and select from a pre-set number of days for certain customers. Watch how here.

5. Use the inbuilt calculator function
In any amount field, you can enter a sum and press enter for the answer. For example, typing ‘20*20 Enter’ will leave the amount of 400 in that field.


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