Location, location, location: Tips to manage multiple business locations


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You started your business a few years ago and the hard work has paid off. Business has boomed, and you’ve expanded. But suddenly you’ve found yourself juggling multiple locations and a large team of people.

It can seem overwhelming. But with the right strategy, you can successfully manage multiple business locations.

Tips to manage multiple business locations

Systems run businesses, and people run systems.

Put the right systems in place to standardise the quality of communication, products and results. Systems allow you to duplicate offices and grow faster with reduced training times and supervision.

Make each employee’s responsibilities clear through an organisational structure combined with a system. Instill accountability for delivering on work responsibilities regardless of where they are based.

Adopt New Technology

With the advent of the Cloud and the surge in collaborative tools, technology has become an integral part of any far-flung organisation.

Our top tech picks include:

Focus on Communication

Systems are a must, technology is important however, none of these work with out proper communication. Communication is the key to collaboration with your offices, coworkers, and clients. If you neglect this aspect, you risk the success of your multiple locations. Make time for employees to have face-to-face meetings a priority to enable communication between people on all levels.

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