5 signs you need a new auditor and what to do about it

CraigBusiness Audit

5 signs you need a new auditor

Now more than ever, a robust and objective audit function with skills to identify risk, control problems and the authority to pursue concerns, is essential for sound corporate governance. Corporate governance has been widely criticised in recent years, in the wake of falling market confidence and integrity. The community’s expectations of boards, senior management, and those charged with providing an … Read More

Top tips to get the most out of Xero

StuartBusiness Technology

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So. You’ve made the jump to Xero and (you’re rightly so) expecting fireworks. If you’re flying solo and haven’t got an experienced Xero Partner (like us!) taking you through it, there’s some “nice to know” tips that, well, would be nice to know, before you start. Xero isn’t software you need to install per se. Instead, it runs on the … Read More