Tax time: the most wonderful time of the year.


June 30 is looming and it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Tax time is great. 542 clients are relaxed and know exactly what to expect while their colleagues, partners, friends and family wonder what the end of financial year will bring.

Is your accountant a one-time-only show?

We like to call these accountants the one-time-only June show.

They’re the ones that call their clients in last week of June, rushing to remind them about end of year tax planning. Some of them are still lodging 2013 tax returns. They’re drowning in paperwork and filing from the past 12 months. They’re also pretty stressed so they either have a conniption or bury their head in the sand because it’s all too hard.

Or are you part of the 542 Partners family?

At 542 its pretty much business as usual. We’ve been discussing tax planning with our clients for the past 12 months. Sure, we’ll give them a gentle reminder to pay super contributions before 30 June, including any additional super contributions for the year, but really it’s just like any other quarter.

We’re so relaxed at this time of year that we even hosted a client race day over the long weekend. We’ve been the busiest converting more clients to Xero and finalising structure changes for relevant clients before 30 June, so that everything is even easier from 1 July.

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