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In 2013 the ATO started a program intended to enforce timely lodgement, where taxpayers who haven’t lodged their tax returns and activity statements by their due dates could be referred to an external collection agency for follow up. This extended their current program where taxpayers with overdue tax debts are referred to such agencies.

The ATO targets those taxpayers who, despite previous requests, have still failed to lodge outstanding returns. The ATO will send letters to those taxpayers affected warning them that if the overdue returns are not lodged by the due date, they will be referred to the external collection agency. In the event that they are referred to these agencies, the taxpayer will have forfeited their right to deal with the ATO and must deal with the collection agency.

What this means

Failure to lodge penalties can be charged on late lodgements and the minimum penalty is $170 and upwards depending on how late your return is lodged, and whether or not you are an individual or small, medium or large business.

Recent due dates

The general position with regard to due dates is that from the end of the respective periods:

  • quarterly returns must be lodged within 28 days, and
  • monthly returns must be lodged within 21 days
Period Due Date
3rd Quarter:
1 January to 31 March 2014
28 Apr 2014
agent ELS: 26 May 2014
4th Quarter:
1 April to 30 June 2014
28 July 2014
agent ELS: 25 Aug 2014


As qualified BAS agents, we get an extension for lodgement. If you have overdue BAS and need an extension, you should contact your BAS agent or accountant immediately.

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